Strato Sultanate

The birds of the Strato Sultanate seek knowledge and order. Driven by Air Magic, these avians constantly study to improve their mastery of conjuration.


Create blasts of lightning, call rain from the skies, or forge the Elements themselves. These powerful, instant spells can change the out come of battles.


Root Democracy

The mammals of the Forged Parliament strive to build solid communities. United by Earth Magic, these hard workers train tirelessly for every situation.


Turn invisible, double jump, fly, or dig through stone. Summon an ally for any problem.


Forged Parlaiment

The lizards of the Forged Parlaiment value logic above all else. Fueled by Fire Magic, these meticulous tinkers create the best structures in the Four Realms.


Build ladders, girders, beanstalks, or floating clouds. Design battlements for defence or paths over any obstacle.


Fluid Coalition

The fish of the Fluid Coalition prize exploration and peace. Propelled by Water Magic, these adventurers journey the land and cast enchantments to weave the Four Realms together.


Enlarge objects, strengthen allies, or see the invisible. Improve everything with persistent spells.